I’m Daniel Darie, the author and administrator of ARTVISIO website. I create and maintain ARTVISIO to exclusively exhibit my artwork and throughout blogging to share my artistic experiences and visions around Art topics, mainly visual arts (painting, drawing, sketching, photography, and as such).

To be an ‘artist’, apart talent and visions- it takes hard work, confirmation of time and recognition of people, in any order taken. At this point I’m not considering myself an ‘artist’, rather an aspirant, hobbyist, amateur in my preoccupations to express my inner living, visions and artistic ideas through my works.

The purpose of ARTVISIO is to share my works and discuss art with interested public, to bridge my artistic preoccupations with art-groups, to initiate a positive dialogue around experiences in Art. We all need to recognize ourselves, confirm and encourage the efforts in our creative processes. I invite you to browse through the Sketches and Paintings sections, as well as search through Archives and Categories in this site, and I do hope you will have a good time checking my works.

I respect and understand to treat your personal data under Privacy Policy provision. I do my best to stay transparent with you and indicate these provisions (which are currently subject to updating, to comply with EU GDPR Provisions).

Thanks for visiting ARTVISIO and staying with me around Art topics.


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Thank you for supporting me within the creative artwork and efforts to setup my first public art show!