Little Show with the last Frames

I recognize, for moment I’m short with the proper gear to get quality pictures. I will fix that, hopefully soon. Until then I use mobile phone camera to shot my works.

So the news are that I have framed the last paints. Visited DM and the DIY shops in my area, got from there the quality stuffs I needed.

Last works on show, awaiting to be hanged by the wall.
Metallic & Interference watercolours on Black Paper. Passe-partout frames.

Already a good while since…

…I’ve created something ‘consistent’.

Last weekend felt the calling back. However, I decided to change something (following several failures, wasting canvases and colours), where I’ve been unable to ‘burn’ in a way to have distinctive brush strokes. In spite of resident ideas.

Somehow, I found a balance between touch, feeling and inner burn. Got two works, in metallic & interference water colours. Good media, good mats. Simply love it. I think I will follow up with this line of expression.

Both works are already mounted with quality passe-partout quality frames. Pictures with the frames- to follow up, soon.