Sketching in reverse

Drawing on black paper is essentially working in reverse. With a sketch that’s on white (or light-colored) paper, you’re typically starting with light shading and working towards deep shadows. The opposite is true when working on black paper; a dark ground is already there, so you’ve got to transition from pitch black to medium grey to bright white marks.

Window' (Sketching, white charcoal and inkpen on black paper)
‘Window’ (Sketching, white charcoal and inkpen on black paper)

Depicting the light

It is always a challenge to draw ‘in reverse’. Shades turns lights. The rest stays in shades of darkness. Gradients are smooth or coarse, up to the angle view. Here, dark series continuing with the pot of lavender- which I’m tempted to resume the topic, not only sketching, not only in the dark.

Pot with lavender (mix of charcoal and white ink)
“Pot with lavender” (mix of charcoal and white ink)

Go ‘white’…

…And set it on black. Endless possibilities of expression in illustrating. Imaginative, figurative, cut from reality or just from a dream.

Here, focused with the details and to acquire shine effect around the subject. Used inkpens, white and silver, as well as a fine touch of white charcoal.

‘ Yucca’ (white and silver inkpens on black paper)