Autumn. Colour study

Initially I wanted to continue this work, but decided to leave it as it is. Unfortunately, I am still unable to catch up the real-colours, the camera I use is limited in performances. Soon, I’ll get a proper camera and shoot all these again.

Metallic & Interference watercolours.
Media: White Paper
Metallic & Interference watercolours. Media: White Paper

A bit of blue

Got couple of new colours today (yeap, I made a habit already to vist the ‘supplies’ shop, at least once a week). Trying them out (I can’t resist till tomorrow 🙂 ) and got this:

Metallic & Interference watercolours
Media: Black Paper.
Metallic & Interference watercolours. Media: Black Paper

That’s reserved to a private collection by now. Hope they will enjoy 🙂 .

The Key

Sometime, one you can see the solution but you cannot make use of it. What if you would unlock the door through a different way? That to follow up within a next inspiration moment. The future will bring it for sure.

Still working on this, however I will tune few details around shading and light, only.

Metallic & Interference watercolours Media: White Paper (160g)