Illustration: Jellyfish

Tried this out. White pen, white and silver inkpen’s. I’m not 100% at peace with the result. At the end it is an experience, understanding how pens interact with textured paper, for a such topic and desired visual effect.

Jellyfish- illustration on black paper, using vary white and silver pens
‘Jellyfish’, illustration on black paper (360 g/m²)

Illustration: Night Sky

Last nights were chilly and starry. Yet, capricious season. And me, longing for the seas, summer night sky.

Got this, a fantesy- Orion running after Virgo. Endlessly running, as long as the sky lasts.

Illustration, mixed media on black paper (360 gr/m²), white inkpen, silver inkpen and oil pastels.
‘Orion running after Virgo’

Illustration, mixed media on black paper (360 gr/m²), white inkpen, silver inkpen and oil pastels.


A little hope is born and feeling proud that my very first submition for auctioning is soon considered.

Dare to believe, nevermind the result!
Dare to believe, nevermind how long may take!

I remember that afternoon entering the airport with mixed feelings, still hung with happy days and moments spent- and so with no peace to leaving, sametime bittered with sad news I’ve got few hours before taking the flight. Don’t know how, after finding a quiet corner and a free bench in that rushing hour I’ve started to sketching, as a need for sinking down my worrying thoughts, yet with a mental annoying buzz almost audible, consistent, like a visceral distressing noise all around me. I’ve had no power to finish my sketch then, packed the things back and soon forgoten my scribbling. After couple of days I have resumed the illustration. That lately turned into a new sort of work, so from just planned white ink sketching, now garmented with oil pastels.

Mixed emotions marks the art up and down. There are times that harvests trash art works. Then, what we do believe is ‘trash’, later watching from another angle and daring to keep it on, setting new ideas down, may revive what has been saved from the trash bin.

Now, nevermind whether these ‘hopes’ would be materialized in a little stack of money or will wreck totally in the way down of any-hopes-of-rewarding. The prize here is “to dare”. ” Recognition” equate iterative and perpetual work, plus creativy and inspiration, doubled with strong believe that you will make it happening.

Go ‘white’…

…And set it on black. Endless possibilities of expression in illustrating. Imaginative, figurative, cut from reality or just from a dream.

Here, focused with the details and to acquire shine effect around the subject. Used inkpens, white and silver, as well as a fine touch of white charcoal.

‘ Yucca’ (white and silver inkpens on black paper)