Depicting the light

It is always a challenge to draw ‘in reverse’. Shades turns lights. The rest stays in shades of darkness. Gradients are smooth or coarse, up to the angle view. Here, dark series continuing with the pot of lavender- which I’m tempted to resume the topic, not only sketching, not only in the dark.

Pot with lavender (mix of charcoal and white ink)
“Pot with lavender” (mix of charcoal and white ink)

Drawing is therapy

…And not only drawing, sketching, painting, any form of following your passion into a performing art, helps to cure the fears, filling the loneliness up, turning the darkness of the spirit into the light.

Sketching white on black paper
Drawing help to sustain a healthy method of self-expression

Drawing can also be used as a method of communication for the more introvert people (in regards to expressing ideas and thoughts) and encourages creative problem solving and self-discovery (finding your own style, for example).

Sketching white on black paper
Drawing is therapy

Clear your mind and make yourself feel less stressed, it is absolutely worth it.

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Sketching on black media – Workshop

It’s easy to forget light is an intruder in the indigenous darkness. Light requires energy; darkness is the default.
In everyday and almost all the occasions, shadow is an absence, a lack of light. Shadow has no mass, speed or any other physical characteristics.
Light, on the other hand, is an active, measurable substance.
Capture of realistic sense of light is the tema of my trials onto my Dark Mode sketching.