Illustration: Light-Dark study

Keeping on with the same line of sketching projects, just finnished another study of light and dark, contrast, shading, textures. Used white ink pen only for the keyhole, wanted to enhance the light intensity. In rest, sketched with a single white pencil, varying the textures and strokes directions.

Illustration, Light-Dark study on black paper, A4 size (80gr/m²)
Light-Dark study on black paper, A4 size (80gr/m²)

Illustration: Still life

Just feeling inspired today and taken the morning time to crop this ‘still life’. Idea and topic to be resumed, I think I need some complementary media to better perform in light-shade realm.

Still life, white pencil and ink on black paper.
Still life, white pencil and ink on black paper.

Illustration: Night

Instead of worrying about you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Pencil drawing. White inkpen used to enhance edges and the light-dark contrast.

Pencil sketch. Illustration. Night and stars. Light fading.
‘Night’- White pencil illustration on black paper

Illustration: Jellyfish

Tried this out. White pen, white and silver inkpen’s. I’m not 100% at peace with the result. At the end it is an experience, understanding how pens interact with textured paper, for a such topic and desired visual effect.

Jellyfish- illustration on black paper, using vary white and silver pens
‘Jellyfish’, illustration on black paper (360 g/m²)