Home Deco

New artworks: Ornamental wooden panel boxes, hand painted in acrylics.

References: ‘Blue Box’ and ‘Sakura Box’.
Purposes: home decoration, ornament, functional decor, storage, (luxury articles, EDT/perfumes, mini-bar, electronic gadgets…)

Size: Outer size: 16,0cm(Height) x 15,8cm(Width) x 23,6cm(Length).
Inner size: 14,8cm(Height) x 14,6cm(WWidth) x 22,4cm(Length).
Weight, each:0,7kg
Panels’ thickness: 6mm


  • wooden panel: front, left, right, lid, rear.
  • MDF: bottom.
  • hinges (2x): metallics
  • lock : metallic.
  • corner reinforcements (4x): L-shape, metallic, riveted.

Painting art: abstract art, decorative art.

Painted surfaces:

  • Front panel.
  • Left side panel,
  • Right side panel,
  • Rear panel,
  • The Lid, inner side
  • The Lid, outer side.

PROTECTION (For a great paint adhesion, for lasting stability, to avoid paint wash-out, to conserve the wood, to enhance the looking appearance)

a. The painted surfaces:

  • Pre-treatment, Wood Stain and Gesso Primer.
  • All the painted surfaces are varnished (Lascaux-glossy).

b. Not painted surfaces, only-stained:

  • the inner-side: Wood Stain.
  • bottom-side (the surface that comes in contact with other objects, e.g. home furniture): Wood Stain.

The lid lock: ‘slide style, hook’, metallic, riveted to the box body.